Thank you for visiting. This a safe haven for fatherless women around the world to start conquering their life through the healing journey. We not only challenge the status quo, we refuse to settle for anything less. Although you may be hesitant about what lies ahead, I am right here to help you. From being fatherless at the age of 2, to being molested, to hitting the brick wall of life, I have fought the courageous fight of 'taking my life back.' It's time that you take back yours.

Everyday is a day worth fighting for. Whether you're a fatherless daughter, a mother trying to understand your child's pain, or a close friend, I will guide you through taking this epidemic by the horns, and defeating it once and for all. Not only will you gain a better understanding of the life challenges fatherless daughters face, you'll also walk away with tools to overcome them.


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About Candice

As a speaker and best-selling author I find inspiration in my own challenges and leverage my experiences to help people overcome life's stumbling blocks and triumph over setbacks.

I believe that everyone should live a life built in their purpose and am devoted to helping women on their journey through my books, one-on-one coaching sessions, and speaking engagements.

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Inspirational Books

Looking for the inspiration you need to help you find your way? My books give you the tools to start down the road to emotional triumph.


"Not only was it full of useful information backed by scripture, but I loved how Candice incorporated her own personal experiences."

— Micky S.



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