Come Be Inspired

With all of life's challenges, holding onto frustration and anger will only hold you back from fulfilling your true purpose. Wherever you are on your life journey, my international best-selling books can help you to renew your intentions and refine your goals.


Invisible dad

This book will get closer to who you really are and show you how to:

  • Let go of a dead illusion to receive the richness of God’s beauty
  • Release control of a perfect picture and relinquish judgement
  • Conquer the road to restoration
  • Live in your own truth

invisible god, i'm waiting

This book will get you through the waiting process of life and help you:

  • Learn to look past your current circumstance and grab hold of God’s promises
  • Rejuvenate your faith and increase your endurance
  • Challenge the ordinary and actively wait for your blessing

from fatherless to fearless

This book courageously bridges cultures, ages, and demographics, and:

  • Details the powerful journeys of nine unstoppable women from tragedy to triumph
  • Challenges the myths and the truths of fatherlessness head on
  • Shakes you with profound wisdom, and provides you the roadmap of an overcomer
  • Empowers you to step into your fearlessness