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Your B.R.I.D.G.E.™ to Healing Group Intensive

Are you tired? Do you feel like the seasons are changing, but you're stuck just trying to move forward? Do your feelings of anger, rejection and fear feel like they're caving in on you? I know how you feel. I've through it too. You're trying to forgive, but you just can't. You end up burying your feelings inside, only to have them come up again. You're emotionally and physically exhausted...Well, NO MORE!

It's time to take your life back with my six step system, known as the B.R.I.D.G.E.™ technique. Through this group intensive, I will provide exactly what you need to change the seasons in your life. You'll receive a workbook, video updates, hands-on challenges, and a free copy of my latest book From Fatherless to Fearless!

Also, with this 6-week intensive, you'll:

  • Navigate the 6 steps of the healing process with Life Coach Candice Crear
  • Set realistic boundaries and learn how to exercise accountability for your life 
  • Receive extended support through a private Facebook group
  • Learn how to live a greater tomorrow by embracing your fearless journey
  • And more!

Enrollment is open now! Register today for a special rate with the link below. The journey starts Monday, May 14.