Your Result: Denial


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Let’s face it. You’re still in denial that being fatherless is even affecting you. But acting like it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean the pain isn’t there. You look strong on the outside, but you break down when no one is looking. You don’t even realize that you’re angry all the time. You either hate all men, or you may latch onto them and forget all of your morals. The fact that you’re a fatherless daughter is not your fault, but it’s time to take responsibility for the choices you make in life so you can move forward.

How to Move Forward

In order to navigate your way to becoming fearless, you'll need to find out how fatherlessness is affecting you. My book Invisible Dad, an International Book Awards Finalist, is a great tool to help you start your journey. Type in your information below to download the first 20 pages for free!