Invisible God, I'm Waiting (Full Color)

Invisible God, I'm Waiting (Full Color)

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This book is sure to be a blessing to others as it was to me!
— Kristie J.

Are you waiting for God’s help? Have you ever asked, “When will the wait be over?” Have you sat in the dark, hoping that life would provide enough light so that you could at least envision the next step?

The waiting room of life is not equipped with televisions or a sign-in sheet. It’s not a place to get a routine checkup. The room is filled with people that are waiting–just like you. You only enter the room to pass a test to move to your next level in faith. Everyone needs the same thing–the key to the exit. This room has a revolving door you’ll see again, but every time you exit, you’ll feel empowered like never before.

While there, you may ask God, “Why have You not answered my prayer?” In life, you wait and wait for God to answer your prayers, but it seems He’s forgotten about you. So, what do you do? How do you get through the most challenging times in your life? It takes more than stamina, discipline, and positivity. The truth is, when all hell breaks loose, your first instinct may not always be to enter your prayer closet or to try and understand what God is showing you.

This book will help you:

  • Learn to look past your current circumstance and grab hold of God’s promises
  • Rejuvenate your faith and increase your endurance
  • Challenge the ordinary and actively wait for your blessing

With intuitive wisdom, exceptional insight, and captivating life stories, I show you exactly how to wait on God. This book is filled with powerful punches to bring you back into focus and guide you to your next level. You’ll learn how to courageously trample obstacles, conquer opportunities, tune in to your heart, and challenge yourself to be refined, refreshed, and renewed in the process.

Whether you’ve just entered, just left, or will soon enter the waiting room of life, this book is for you!


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